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Citroen DS4 Specifications

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by Steve

Citroen DS4

In addition to Citroen DS4 DS5, Citroen also bring new Citroen DS4 Racing car concept to Geneva Motor Show that was developed by engineers at the Citroen Racing. The Citroen DS lineup could grow again if given the green light concept follows; Racing Citroen concept car would definitely have a French hatchback fans jaw dropped and drooling. It was based on the current DS4 five door concept cars with a long list of car modifications that show the success of the brand and the expertise of the World Rally Championship competitor.

Citroen DS4 Engine Specs, Features and Performance

Citroen Racing engineers have been modified the car chassis and running gear with maximum precision.  Citroen DS4 Racing Concept was coming up with some of the racing features such as 35 mm lowered chassis, improved aerodynamics with front bumper panel, the underside of the belt line and the extension of the wings, air diffuser, all finished in matte gray.

Citroen DS4

Citroen DS4 Racing got the front and rear tracks are wider and have been lowered 35 mm with a different suspension, 380 mm disc brakes, 4 piston caliper, and a larger diameter 19 inch wheels and 235 / 40 tires. Under the hood, this car was supported by the 1.6 liter turbo machine, producing 256 horsepower. The other prominent feature of the car is a textured effect matt gray paint that captures the light to further improve the car rows.

Citroen DS4 stylish and modern colors, ideal for sports cars. Further improvements include roof exterior two tone and the two tone wheels with special design of car. No production plans was announced, so DS4 prices have not been considered.

Citroen DS4

Perhaps the most remarkable of all was that despite what was expected of extreme performance, DS4R emits 155 grams of the CO2/kilometer. If Citroen DS4 Racing went on sale, it would likely have the limited production run like a hatchback, a smaller two door DS3 Racing was sold several years ago in which only 1000 examples produced DS3 Racing hatch.

Citroen DS4 Rivals

This car was the second model that launched in bold new line up Citroen market alternative to mainstream offerings. It follow DS3 to the market a lot of praise, however do not share the competition brief that focuses on the same design. Where was conceived as a small hatchback, a straight competitor to the BMW Mini, Citroen claimed C4 deriving specification of Citroen DS4 has no direct rivals because it combines with the five door coupe profile practicality and driving position that elevates crossover.

The factory insists on the new model is a redefinition of the boundaries of the segment, however the truth of Citroen DS4 only addition is a liquid styling conventions of the voguish family hatchback class. This does not mean that it which is less visible in the department?

Citroen DS4

Given the comparative strength of the competition at the (Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf, and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta) Citroen brave attempt to producing something different was laudable, however ultimately Citroen DS4 does not feel very special to successfully span different segments of the borrowing.

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